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33 things before 33

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To do lists are the things that life is made of. I love them. Honestly. Here is a small scale life list of things I want to achieve in the next nine years. What are some of the things that you hope to achieve soon?

33 things to do before 33

1.Have my writing published

2. Be a part of a flash mob

3. Write a screenplay

4. Perform faux drag

5. Host an underground supper club party

6. Participate in a marathon

7. Volunteer to work with sex workers

8. Pay off my student loans from The New School

9. Learn to braid my own hair

10.Have the big O

11. Earn a masters degree

12. Wear a bikini

13. Write a collection of non-fiction essays

14. Take a roadtrip across the U.S.

15. Travel to South America

16. Go to Disney Land

17. Perform stand-up

18. Perform in an improv troupe

19. Host a D.I.Y Sunday brunch

20. Learn to drive

21. See Alanis Morrissette in concert

22. Enter a writing  contest

23. Wear a Betsy Johnson dress

24. Go sky diving

25. Participate in paint ball fight

26. Go on an around the world vacation

27. Teach a class or seminar

28. Go to Southern Texas and eat Tex-Mex food

29. Perfect the “afro” on my hair

30. Get boudoir photos of myself done

31. Live and laugh

32. Intern at a major magazine

33. Kiss someone in front of the Eiffel Tower


About Niesha Davis

Niesha Davis is an internationally based writer and editor. She has written for: Sixth Tone, Women's Health, Everyday Health, Bust, Bitch, Narratively, The Awl, and other publications. Follow her travels on youtube at brown and abroad.

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  1. Nice list! Which magazine did you intern with?

  2. Thanks Sosha,
    I guess I have to get on doing some of it now. I interned with Time Out Amsterdam Magazine. Are you a writer?

  3. The combination of Time Out and Amsterdam! Whoa! It can’t get better than that.

    I work at JetWings magazine. That’s the luxury travel in-flight magazine on India’s no. 1 airline, Jet Airways.

    • Yes, it was such a great experience. I haven’t been at a magazine since then but would like to get back in with one. Do you live in India? Does your magazine use freelancers?

      • Hey Neisha,
        Sorry couldn’t reply earlier. Yes, I live in Mumbai, India, and JetWings is always on the lookout for new freelancers. Mail across a few of your best works to and I’ll pass them on to my editor!

  4. I love you list… and now that I’ve turned 33, I’m feeling behind. I’ll be making my own list~ thanks for the inspiration!


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