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Letter to my teenage self.

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Letter to my younger self

Niesha, your 15 and I know that feeling loved or being in a relationship seem like the most important things in the world, but their really not. The guy your currently seeing is a douche bag with his own issues. You may feel sorry for him, you may genuinely enjoy spending time with him, when he’s not drunk, regardless, don’t allow his issues to become yours. Okay?

Stop listening to what he says, or what any guys says for that matter. Instead, only pay attention to how they treat you and how said treatment makes you feel. That other girl he’s been seeing behind your back, he’s never going to end things with her. Your best bet is to move on before he hurts you anymore. Your heart(and sanity) will thank you for it later.

While we’re on the topic of people treating you well, take some time to re-evaluate the people you call friends. If they talk about you behind your back then they aren’t really your friends. The longer you keep people like them in your circle, the harder it will be to trust others and form real friendships in the future.

Your legs are beautiful. Stop cutting them will you? Cutting yourself never accomplishes anything and really, you’re only compounding the problem. I know your home life is less than ideal right now but try to focus on things that matter to you and make you happy anyway. Oh yeah, you’re not fat and don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise. Do more theater, don’t worry about stage fright, dance more, go to more writing events. When the time comes, apply to whatever colleges you want. Don’t screw yourself out of your dream school because you think you can’t afford it. Have you ever heard of a little thing called financial aid?

Don’t worry so much and don’t sweat the negative stuff always. In a few years life will take you places you never even dreamed of. Just know that no matter what is going on now, it only gets better.

Love Niesha, age 24.


-If given the chance, what would you say to your younger self?


About Niesha Davis

Niesha Davis is an internationally based writer and editor. She has written for: Sixth Tone, Women's Health, Everyday Health, Bust, Bitch, Narratively, The Awl, and other publications. Follow her travels on youtube at brown and abroad.

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