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Hello, I’m Niesha and this is my blog. Originally from the mid-west, I’m a writer and actress who in the last five years has lived in San Francisco, New York, and Amsterdam.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

-All-you-can-drink brunches

-Magazines and blogs with a slight feminist flare

-Trashy celebrity memoirs

-Eating birthday cake on days that aren’t my birthday

Shaking what my mama gave me

Providing commentary on anything that I see fit

I used to be a basket case, and now, I’m mostly not. These days I prefer to be proactive and happy about my accomplishments, and  inspire others to do the same by sharing my many life exploits thus far. I like to say that in my short 24 years I’ve lived more life and have had more experiences than I’d care to remember. But the old saying is true, what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger. Or in my case, gives me fuel to write a kick ass, “Do not try this at home” type of blog. I’m Lovely, I’m a lady, and these are my thoughts. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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