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Excuse me, your summer is waiting.

So I’ve been reading this book, Excuse me, your life is waiting: The astonishing power of positive feelings. I have to say, it’s a life changer, in a good, fantastic, magical, bedazzling way. As far as good summer’s go, I have not been having the best summer ever but who be sad or mad when there’s so much damn beauty in the world? This book is The Secret before the secret and a title I would recommend to anyone despite the fact that the author died of assisted suicide. That’s neither here nor there now is it? What is here is the now, and what is now is the summer, got it? Good.

Summertime, in my opinion, is the absolute best time to be in New York City. There’s nothing like exploring the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn on a scorching July afternoon or catching a free summer concert in Central Park. It took me a while to warm up completely to New York but now that I’ve got the chance to spend a second summer in New York, I’m completely mesmerized by it. Literally, there’s something for everyone here. You’ve just got to get out there and explore is all. Despite limited resources, I’ve made it my mission to take in as many of the sites that I possibly can in this great big city that I call home. Here is a short list of some New York’s best cultural events.

  1. SummerStage Free summer concert series. So. During the months of June, July, and August there are numerous free summer concerts held in each burough. According to it’s website, Summerstage bills itself as New York’s biggest free summer concert festival, and for good reason. Acts run the gammet from old school hip-hop rappers like Kool Moe Dee and Funkmaster Flex, to new acts like Wiz Khalifa and Florence and the Machine, to Dance Afrika, variety is the spice of life when it comes to Summerstage. With the exception of a few fundraisers sprinkled in, all of the performances are free to all. Now don’t that beat all?
  2. Epix’s Free NYC movie series.- For almost two glorious months, various neighborhood parks throughout the city open their lawns to crowds of families and hipsters alike for a free communal movie showing. Even better than the fact that it’s FREE is that the screenings are random and once again, will most likely have at least one title that someone is bound to want to see. Come on, you mean to tell me you’ve never wanted to sit in a park, drink a brew with a group of your closest gal(or guy) pals and while sporadically reciting lines from Clueless? Yeah, I thought so.
  3. R&B Festival and Metrotech. Sometimes I think Brooklyn can read my mind. Like when I stumbled across this free concert series featuring George Clinton, in the middle of Borough Hall’s Metrotech on my way to pick up a paycheck. This concert series runs every Thursday starting at noon and features performances from: ¬†Dionne Ferris, George Clinton, and Maxi Priest.
  4. Big Terrific Show is a free weekly comedy show at The Cameo in Brooklyn. So I haven’t actually been to this event, but you best bet I’ll be there from here on out. I love comedy, especially free comedy. Plus, one of the hosts is ill-fated SNL cast member Jenny Slate. You remember, the one that dropped the F bomb on national television. ¬†Yeah, that girl.
  5. Kings’ County Cookout at Lady Jay’s. Who doesn’t like a cook out at a neighborhood hood dive bar, equipped with an assortment of drink specials for your pleasure? An asshole, that’s who.This is just a tiny list that in NO WAY touches the tip of the iceberg in terms of NYC offerings. As the old song goes, these are a few of my favorite things. What are some favorite cultural offerings that your hood has to offer?